Interior designers make everything look so simple. Have you ever watched a video of a plain, boring room getting transformed? The furniture and pretty little decorations are paired so well and fast, making it look like a 12-minute job; in fact they make it seem like you could wake up one morning and decide to do a makeover of your home as you prepare for work… We’re here to give you a few realistic home living tips that will help you slowly transform your home into the desired look.

home living

1. Make way for the light

The most surprising thing is that blocking the light with big furniture or constantly drawing heavy curtains can easily make your room look and feel dull. Draw those window curtains, move away the heavy furniture and let the rays of light shine through. Everything automatically looks brighter.

2. Dress for the occasion

I’m sure you’re wondering why we’d be dressing up for the living room… Well, have you taken time to understand your living space? Is your room rectangular, circular or square? Are your ceilings tall or almost touching the top of your head? Have you made sure that the furniture you purchase is compatible with your living space? Have you dressed your rooms accordingly? All these small details will make a difference in the overall look and feel of your living space. Take a few photos of your living space or measure it up before you go shopping online for furniture.

3. Make use of your corners 

Don’t be scared of navigating through the lost space in the corners. You could go for the L-seater sofas or place bold decorative pieces to make sure that all the space is utilized. Our bold Honesta Slate Love Seat is the perfect corner chair. It's nickel accents are subtle and will bring character to your corner.

4. Inject some life

A little color never hurt anyone or turned a guest away. Don’t be scared to inject a bit of color into your living space or bedrooms. You don’t have to go all out, one color is enough to bring any room to life! Like our Luxe Green Ottomoan - in a neutral living space this pop of colour would make all the difference and make a lasting impression. You can check it out here. This blue sofa in a neutral living room is the perfect pop of colour too! Just a little inspiration for you.

5. Hit two birds with one stone

Whenever you’re scouting for new furniture, aim to look for those pieces which can carry out more than one function to help you not only save on space but also cost. You could choose a piece, for example, that doubles up as a table and a storage cabinet.

6. Embrace consistent decluttering

Remember to clear that dining table whenever you’re done with your meals. The sight of dirty dishes in the sink can make you want to run away from your home. These are some of the things that can easily be dealt with by consistently decluttering your space. Embrace this culture and you’ll thank us later.

7. Bring on the garden

Succulents are a beautiful way of bringing life into your living space. The best thing about these plants is that they don’t require the typical conditions to thrive. Place a few of these plants in the different rooms in your house and see it transform into a home.


8. No favouritism

I’m sure most of us fall victim to favouring certain rooms over others. When a guest gets into your living room, they feel like they are in Paris - under the eiffel tower. The bedroom on the other hand looks like it just survived the Second World War. Try uphold the same level of consistency in all rooms, both inside and outside - the patio and backyard require some love as well.

9. It’s not an Art gallery

The main thing you should be looking out for is comfort. You’re furniture needs to sell comfort first before functionality and style. Don’t make your home feel like an Art gallery where all can see but not touch.

10. Be you

Above everything, don’t forget to stay true to who you are, what you like and the kind of style you’d like to prevail in your home. It will shine through and give off the good vibes your family and guests appreciate.