A guide to buying quality furniture

When it comes to buying new furniture, making the decision to buy good quality is the easy part. You want something that can last you for years. You want something that is unique but also both comfortable, and functional. You want quality over ‘Kmart’. Don’t get us wrong, Kmart, Ikea, Amart Furniture all have lovely designs, but half of the people in Australia have already purchased them to furnish their house, and the products aren’t designed to last. So now that you have made the decision to buy quality furniture, how can you be sure that your special purchase is going to be worth every penny? In this article, we tell all on how to know your next furniture purchase is top quality and not just expensive for the sake of it, but a well-made investment.

Good investments cost money

When purchasing quality furniture, the first valuable indicator is price. While quality furniture does not necessarily need to cost the earth, you should expect to pay more than you would at for mass produced or cheaply made furniture. The reason that well-made furniture is more expensive is not only because of the cost of good materials, but also the time and effort it takes to craft a unique piece that is finished to perfection. If you are looking at furniture options and the price point seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Know your materials

A great way to select a piece of furniture that will last for years and wear gracefully is by the material it is made from. To get the most value from your purchase avoid synthetic materials such as laminate, and melamine. Instead stick to real materials such as genuine leather, timber, metal, marble cotton, wool and linen. When purchasing furniture online, the weight of the furniture can also be a good indicator of quality as synthetic materials are generally more lightweight that natural materials.

Consider your environment

While the piece of furniture you select may be a well-made piece, it is still essential that you consider the environment you will place the furniture in. For example, if you’re buying outdoor furniture, you should choose hard woods and durable fabric that are built to last in harsh conditions. For outdoor furniture, you should also ensure that any wood materials have been correctly coated to protect themselves from the outside weather. If you are purchasing indoor furniture, another consideration might be if it will be in constant direct sunlight. In this case you would need to either select a hard piece of furniture or a fabric that is fade resistant.

Be realistic about your lifestyle

Although a white suede lounge might seem like the perfect addition to your lounge room, consider your lifestyle and if this kind of material would be kept clean. If this was to be used as on occasional piece of furniture it would work nicely, however if this was to be a family lounge in a household of young children, white suede might not be the best choice. As a side note, you should always protect soft furnishings by purchasing a fabric protection kit like this one, this will ensure the material remains easy to clean and looks fresh for years to come. Another lifestyle consideration would be around the intended use of the furniture. If this a piece that you would sit at for hours at a time? If so then ensure your purchase is both comfortable and functional by selecting only high-quality foams and well-made items.

Ensure it’s made to last

A final indicator of quality furniture is warranty. If the company you are purchasing from is unsure the furniture will last, how can you be sure it will? Good quality furniture will have a warranty period. When luxury items are crafted in a careful manner, they are destined to have a long life and the manufacturer will have faith in the product. Furniture stores that sell true investment furniture pieces that will stand the test of time will have warranty of 12 months. At Living Direct Furniture, we offer 12 months warranty as well as a 14 day 100% money back guarantee on all products so that you can shop without hesitation.

Purchasing a unique piece of quality furniture is truly a great investment. If you need help making a selecting, get in contact with us.