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It is hard to deny it. There's rarely a better feeling than getting home from a long day and relaxing into your favourite, cosy armchair. Often we are so committed to our favourite chair that it's not uncommon to hear the words "you can't sit there, that's my chair" when a guest arrives. It almost feels like there is no shame and no holding back when it comes to taking ownership of the comforting arms of your favourite chair. This kind of behaviour stands to reason, of course, because often many a fond memory is weaved into the fabric, or ingrained into the leather, of an armchair. Whether it be picture story books with a beloved grandparent or epic novels on a rainy Sunday afternoon, the places we spend our time carry and conjure many a memory.

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of midcentury modern pieces, more traditional or are just in it for the comfort; there will be a piece that suits both your style and space. Often the final piece of furniture any shopper purchases when decorating their home, armchairs can be a real investment piece, so it pays to do your research before you make your final purchase.
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about armchairs

Fabricating memories

The type of material or fabric you choose for your armchair will likely dictate how long you have it. If you plan to spend many a Sunday morning lazing in it and making memories, then be sure to go for something more durable. In essence, it pays to choose a fabric that suits your lifestyle. So consider pets, children, teenagers and errant cups of tea when you make this decision. Bear in mind that fabric can create opulence and colourful, patterned, luxurious fabrics and trims can have a great effect on armchairs receiving minimal use. If you have a young or boisterous family, then there are some beautiful fabrics available with high rub ratings, and we always recommend a good fabric, protector.

Not so much matchy-matchy

Matchy-matchy happens when something is excessively colour coordinated. Just as it is not a look fashion trendsetters go for, it is also not a look we any interior design conscious individual would be going after either. Some matching elements can look stylish, so think of matching a pattern in the fabric of your armchair from elsewhere. For example, you could match your armchair with a great cushion elsewhere in the room. Just always make sure it compliments but doesn't match with the window furnishings. If you have two armchairs, don't feel like you have to make them match. Even if miss-matched or eclectic is not your style, armchairs of various patterns of colours can coexist nicely without clashing.

In the leather

Although it can be expensive, leather is well worth the money in an investment piece. Beautiful, soft, good quality leather can make the perfect place to snuggle down for the evening. It also ages well and continues to look good as it wears.

Colour me unique

There seems to be no limit to the colours armchairs are now available in. The best way to select a colour to suit your specific space is to take in your existing room, even what you can see out the windows. From this make a list of the types of colours which will work, and which ones won't. Time spent in consideration of various colours will make the process easier when you go to make your final purchase.

Shapely comfort

The shape you choose for your armchair will essentially come down to the size of the room you will be using it in. It is important to take into account the doors, windows and existing furniture and if you don't have much room go for lighter styles over more solid, blocky ones.

Make a statement

Statement armchairs can work in a number of rooms. From baby's nursery, sitting rooms, alcoves and the living room, they can bring colour, interest and a focal point to an otherwise bland room. Make sure you go for a pattern and colour you really love so you get pleasure out of your investment for many years.

But I was here already!

As your armchair is likely to be one of the final pieces of furniture you purchase for a room, you will really need to consider the pieces you already have. You don't want to upset the balance of the room by bringing in something loud and exciting if your room is already full of vibrancy.
A great armchair can make a pseudo best friend, complete with arms that hug you and company to make memories with. Take your time and consider how, who and where you will use your chair. Then have fun exploring all the options, you will likely need a long sit down in your favourite comfy chair after you explore them all!
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