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dining chairs

Sit yourself down, it’s time we had a talk about dining chairs.

If you’re in the market for new dining room chairs then we won’t request that you make yourself comfortable. That would likely add insult to injury for the sheer reason that the chairs you currently own are probably desperate for an update. Or, if they are in fact comfortable, chances are they are falling apart or have just not quite been able to move with the times.

You have come to the right place if you are looking to create a new dining experience both for comfort and visual appeal. There is no easier way to improve the look and feel of your dining room than by upping the ante by introducing some new chairs to the mix.

With the dining room often being the communal hub of the home, where family and guests often congregate, it stands to reason that the chairs you choose to accompany your dining room table are able to hold the weight of not just your guests but of expectations, memories and many conversations.

Generations ago (think grandma and grandpa’s days) couples were gifted a dining room table and chairs as a wedding present and never had to think about the style or look of their dining room. Chosen for them and usually not very different from the setting that sat mere metres away in the house next door, individual style and functionality were rarely considered.

Move forward to now and it’s rare for families to purchase a table and chairs as a set, more often opting to mix and match chairs and tables to find the right style for their home.
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about dining chairs

Choosing the right dining chairs

With so many styles, colours and sizes available, choosing the right dining room chairs for your home is no mean feat. So before you go checking out what is on option, consider the following few ideas.

Rules of size

If you already have a dining table then make sure to measure it. If you have chosen one and are now seeking chairs to match, then make sure you find out exactly how big it is. The size of your chosen or existing dining room table will strongly dictate the size of the dining room chairs you choose. Make sure that when the chairs will be present at the table there is some space either side to ensure your dinner guests are comfortable. For comforts sake, also avoid buying chairs which are less than around 50cms wide. If your table is round or oval make sure the chairs fit nicely when tucked in and as a rule try to ensure each person has access to around 60 – 75cms of table top.

Seat height

Between 45 and 50cms is about the ideal height for a dining room chair. This should allow for about 30cms between the top of the seat and the top of the table. The last thing you want is guests getting up from your table feeling cramped and uncomfortable, so get your measuring tape out and measure what you already have.

A material world

It is important to think about the type of firmness you want in your chairs. Are you looking for super comfortable padded chairs, or are you happy to go with sleek wooden or metal varieties? Some materials will match your dining room much better than others, so check out magazines and pictures online to find looks that match your space and existing furniture.

It’s all about style

What are the kinds of style chairs you like the look and comfort of? Are you into timeless lines? Aged and antique or more contemporary looking chairs? There is a currently trend towards mix and match, so don’t feel limited to just one style.

Space saving

If your existing table is taking up a lot of space in your dining room and you feel like the addition of chairs will only make things more cramped when the table is not in use, then consider seating options like stools. Smaller stools or backless chairs can easily be tucked beneath tables when not in use and are a great space saving idea.
If you live in a smaller home, you could use chairs and a small table to create a nook or breakfast corner with padded stools, this works particularly well for couples and singles.

Mix ‘n’ match

Can’t decide? Luckily it’s currently very on trend to head down the mix ‘n’ match path. Not only does it make your dining room look really interesting it also holds back on the intimidating more formal feeling that some more conventional settings can have.

Changing up your dining room chairs is the perfect way to give your dining room an update if you are looking for a new look in your dining room. There are so many styles and colours available you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to giving your dining room a new lease on life. So don’t just sit there... fall in love with some of our dining room chairs.
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