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Sit down and put your feet up, it's time we talked about the wonders of our friends in style and comfort, the ottoman. If there is a place where a match should be made in heaven, it's in the warm comfort of the lounge room, and ottomans and sofas can make the dream couple if you choose wisely. Originating in Turkey in the 18th-century.

Ottomans were low, cushioned platforms intended to provide additional seating. Today ottomans are most functionally used as a place to rest your feet after a long day, yet they are actually one of the most versatile pieces of furniture around. If you are in the market for an ottoman but you are not sure what you need to consider we have outlined some of the functions the humble ottoman can take on, and they're certainly no mean feet!
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about ottomans

Put your feet up

Including a footstool as part of your living room furniture is the ultimate ode to comfort. When it's not just comfy but also offers a stylish addition to your living room space then it's very difficult to find a reason you shouldn't invest in an ottoman or two!

Not just a seat for feet

Much of the advantage and appeal of ottomans is that they are not just a seat for feet. In many homes, ottomans are used as coffee tables or as additional seating, and are often seen in the bedroom and in outside entertaining areas. To limit them to a footrest would deny the ottoman the chance to play up its diversity. So start by doubling your ottoman's function by adding a stylish tray and using it as a coffee table.

All eyes on you

Many people think that ottomans do not take up much visual real estate in the home, but ottomans have in fact evolved to be a key focal point in many living rooms and make a very important style asset to the sofa. They can provide an eye-catching addition by providing colour and texture and character to your space.

Not just for lounging

Ottomans become truly versatile when you take them out of the living or lounge room and place them in another room such as the bedroom. Placed at the foot of the bed or by a window they can add function and style to any room.

It's what's inside that counts

If your home has limited storage and you're always looking for somewhere to hide toys, remote controls, magazines or books, then look for an ottoman that opens to provide space to store things you don't necessarily want on show.

It's in the numbers

If your family is likely to fight over the chance to put their feet up, then consider multiple ottomans rather than one large one. Or if you are looking to add in more seating options or have your ottoman function like a chaise, then look at for larger, comfortably cushioned ones.

Shaping up nicely

Not just versatile in function, but also in shape and style, ottomans can truly add some unique and edgy lines to your lounge or bedroom. The shape of ottoman you choose is a matter of personal choice unless you want to use it as a coffee table.

Material considerations

Whether it is Leather, velvet, cotton, brocade, linen or microfiber, before you start shopping you will need to consider the type of material you would like. Think about the type of material that will be easy to maintain when you consider the amount of foot traffic or spills your ottoman will likely experience.

If you are aiming to use your ottoman for decorative purposes, then think about going all out and making a statement with colourful and patterned fabrics.

If you plan to use your ottoman in your lounge or living room, when selecting the colour of fabric for your ottoman make sure you consider the colour and fabric of your existing sofa. If your sofa is a dark colour, consider an ottoman in a light colour, and if your sofa is a lighter colour find an ottoman in a darker shade.

The humble ottoman can play many roles within the home, so it pays to do your research and have some idea about the function and style of ottoman you are looking for. There are so many ways you can make an ottoman work that you are sure to find one that is uniquely perfect for your home and you will have your feet up in style in no time.
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