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dining & kitchen

The dining room is truly the one spot in the home that encourages the expression of your family’s unique energy and personality.

Not only that, dining rooms also act as the communal hub of the family home; a place to come together and make memories over bowls of breakfast cereal, plates of pasta and cups of coffee.

For a guest, being offered a place at the family dining table- positioned amongst collections of memories from travel, school days and photos from both significant and impromptu moments - can be more meaningful than any gift or gesture. From quite conversation to shared snacks or board games, the family dining table often bears the marks of years of family gatherings and traditionally was a sign of affluence and social status. For these reasons alone, it makes sense that you choose furniture that you love, is functional, suits your style and will stand the test of time.

Living Direct Furniture stocks a great range of dining room staples and occasional pieces including chairs, dining tables, buffets, sideboards and bar stools. From modern to more traditional styles all of our dining room pieces can be mixed and matched to suit your taste. Imagination is truly your only limitation.

about dining & kitchen

Having trouble choosing?

Many people are often quite confident about the types of furniture and interior decoration they prefer in their homes, yet often they find themselves coming unstuck when it comes to style in the dining room. Regardless of your space, taste and functionality requirements, you may still find yourself looking for inspiration and advice on how to best furnish your dining room.

Whilst said inspiration is all around us, it is important when selecting the more staple items for your dining room that you consider these few tips.

Breakfast Bars

Bar stools make the ideal partner to the kitchen breakfast bar. Bar stools can hold the weight of the looming day as your family sits down to an almost on the run breakfast or cup of coffee. They add the finishing touch to create a casual place for family or friends to perch themselves whilst you prepare a meal or drink in the kitchen.

Make it Multi - purpose

If your home is smaller, or crowded, or you prefer to make things multipurpose, there is a range of great ways to use furniture to make your dining room more than just a place to eat meals. Think of combining some pieces that allow for your dining room to function as a library, office, or media room by simply adding some smaller cheaper pieces of furniture to the existing staples. Experiment with layout in your space and trial a few different combinations to see what works best for you and your family.

Mix it up

Just because the category on the website says ‘dining room furniture,’ it does not mean you are limited to those pieces only for your dining room. There are unlimited possibilities when you mix it up by using other pieces that are likely to work in such a communal area. Think of small couches, plant stands, bookshelves, wooden benches and other smaller pieces, you can move around from day-to-day to suit your purposes.

Think about your “things”

When purchasing furniture it pays to think about your existing possessions and how they will work with your planned purchases. Perhaps you are in possession of an antique family piece, some artwork or a memory from a special overseas holiday. Visualise it all in place so that you make the best purchases possible, and can spend many years enjoying your surrounds while you share a meal or cuppa.

Consider occasional use only

If you live in a smaller home, apartment or unit then space can become an issue when you are looking at furniture solutions. Consider purchasing some larger staple items and compliment them with some temporary items or pieces you can pack away for occasional use.

Whether you are looking to host a dinner party for 20, collect quiet memories with your family, or create a great space to eat your meals in your studio apartment, you are sure to find pieces that speak just to you amongst our range of especially designed and perfectly crafted dining room pieces, all pleading to become part of your home.
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