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living room

If walls could talk, there is no doubt the living room would tell many of the secrets and celebrations of every family home. From chaotic mornings with cartoons and slices of toast to holiday photo sharing, popcorn spilling movie nights and snuggly winter evenings with big cups of tea.

If the dining room is the communal hub of the household, the living room is the informal place of rest, entertainment and conversation. So when it comes to interior decoration, as one of the most public and used places in the home, it pays to put some effort in when it comes to furniture selection.

The living room is a space you will often invite guests into, so it's important to express your individual personality whether you are more into a bold and vibrant vibe or something more low key and relaxing. You should always aim to make your living room as unique as you are.

Living rooms are a good place to create a warm cosy environment that is perfect for gathering with friends and family. There are many ways you can develop a number of different looks that all achieve this by using different furniture pieces.

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Which furniture pieces work best in the living room?

There are definitely some integral pieces of furniture you should consider for use in your living room. However, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to interior design, so keep your eye on blogs and design magazines to get some further inspiration.


There are infinite options available when it comes to sofas and you can go as bold or as neutral as you like. Whether you are shopping for style, function, or both, there is bound to be a sofa perfect for your home.


Not just a cosy place to fall at the end of the day, armchairs are an investment piece and due to this are likely one of the last pieces of furniture you will buy. You will also often find that great armchairs can pull the living room together.


Not just a seat for feet, ottomans can take on many roles and functions in the living room. Think of them for storage options as well as additional seating.

Console Tables

A narrower table that usually sits against a well, console tables are great for adding a touch of style to more narrow areas or overcoming awkward bare sections of wall.

Entertainment Units

Not just great for storage but an integral piece when it comes to asserting style in the living room, especially because it will have all eyes directed to it when the television switches on.

Side tables and coffee tables

These great functional tables play an important role when it comes holding remotes, providing storage and a place to put the drinks or pizza when you have friends over. They can make a real design focal point in the living room because of the central piece of room real estate they often occupy.

Make it last

When selecting items of furniture for the living room, always consider the traffic in the room and whether you will need to consider more durable items. Durability is a particularly important consideration for families with young children or teenagers.

To colour or not to colour

If you are unsure how to furnish your living room, then try to consider if you want a variety of pieces that all reflect one theme. Or if you feel more comfortable choosing simple pieces that can be a backdrop for injections of colour through décor or other additions.

Always think ahead

If you don't plan to update your furniture for a number of years then choose more neutral colours You can always inject personality and vibrancy into your living room using décor, splashes of colour through wall paint or window furnishings.

Make it welcoming

As the living room is often the first room your guests and family will notice once they step through the front door, then it is important to create a warm, welcoming environment. There is such a wide range of furniture options available that there is no doubt you will be able to create a space that is functional, warm, welcoming and uniquely reflective of your personality.

In the end, all that truly matters is that you are happy because after all, you are the one who have to live with it!

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