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console tables

It is that table in the hallway where you throw down your keys and handbag as you race in after a long day. It is likely the place where you check your face for any leftover breakfast before you head out the door.

Console tables are way more important than we likely give them credit. Not only are they useful for knowing where to find the keys but they work well to provide decorative interest in small or narrow spaces such as hallways or in homes where space is at a premium.
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about console tables

Seems like a strange name

Console table may seem like a strange name for a piece of furniture, but it comes from the French term consolidare, which means ‘to strengthen.'

The name makes sense when you consider that originally console tables were supported by wall brackets when first introduced in the 17th-century. Obviously since then console tables have had many iterations and have since often been known as ‘hall tables.'

Not just eye candy

Many people limit console tables to just decorative purposes when they can, in fact, be quite functional pieces. While they certainly make a decorative focal point in a narrow room, console tables can serve more functional purposes such as working as a dining room table in a small flat or apartment. They also make a great dressing table in the bedroom or a small desk for the home office. They can even take the place of a buffet in a dining room.

Perfect placement

Styling console tables does not have to be difficult and by using symmetry with vases, photo frames or other ornamental pieces you can add balance to a space.

Flanking the console table with chairs is a great way to use extra chairs from the dining room and also gives you somewhere to sit to put on or take off your shoes when you enter the home.

Make sure you utilise space underneath your console table, they can look great with a stack of books, a place to store stools or ottomans or to display a beautiful sculpture.

Style me versatile

Console tables can clearly work as more than just a decorative addition, if you are wondering how, below we give some tips on how you might use one in your home.


Sparse, empty hallways can look sad, and a console table can provide just the right amount of decorative interest necessary to brighten things up. If you purchase a console table with a drawer, then it can function to store things like keys, remotes, pens and other bits and pieces that you don't necessarily want on display. The addition of a mirror can help give the illusion of space in a narrow hallway.

Dressing Table

In bedrooms or guest rooms where space is at a premium, console tables can make the perfect alternative to a full dressing table. Use storage baskets or boxes underneath to make the most of space and add a mirror above to complete the look.


Console tables can work well as an occasional desk in a small home office or teenagers bedroom. They also work perfectly is placed in an alcove and because of their narrow design they won't encroach too much on the rest of the room.

Reflecting on space

Console tables work well with a mirror hung above them, particularly one with an interesting frame or some special design elements. If it's in the entranceway of the hallway, it's also perfect for checking your look on the way out of the house and give the illusion of added space.

Material matters

Wood, leather, metal, glass and concrete- console tables come in many different styles and made from a variety of materials. Always consider the space in your home where you want to position your table- will a sleek minimalist design suit the room best? Or can you get away with something more ornate?

If you hadn't considered a console table as an addition to your home then consider all the creative ways you can use one to inject some interest into any number of spaces. Regardless of where you place it, you are sure to fall in love with the style and function of your new console table. Plus, you'll never waste time looking for the keys ever again!
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